Text-to-Speech – reading text messages and landline SMS aloud by eCall

Landline SMS: Our system converts written text messages into speech, calls up the recipient and “reads” the message text. Text-to-speech messages can be sent directly from your eCall account via the Web interface or via API interface. The system identifies the written text and automatically converts it into speech in the desired language (German, English, French or Italian).

eCall saves the landline SMS

eCall transmits an audio message.

On July 1, 2018 Swisscom switched off the "Landline-SMS"-service after more than 12 years. So far a text message sent to a fixed line number was converted automatically into a voice message and was read out loud to the recipient.

With the eCall SMS-To-Speech-Service it is still possible to send text messages to fixed devices. The system recognizes if the recipient's number is a landline and transmits an audio message in german, french, english or italian language.Furthermore eCall is able to receive and forward messages from technical devices (such as sensors, modems etc.).

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eCall saves the landline SMS

Wollerau, 05 July 2018 – in the past, whenever anyone sent a text to a landline number, the text was automatically converted into a voice message and spoken to the recipient. That all came to an end on 1 July 2018. After more than 12 years, Swisscom has discontinued this service. However, eCall customers can continue to use the popular FSMSC service.



The phone remains silent. From 1 July 2018 onwards, Swisscom will no longer deliver text messages to landline numbers. At midnight on 30 June, Swisscom’s ‘landline-SMS’ service was discontinued with no substitute. From then on, texts to landline numbers will not be delivered. The only way around this is to switch to the eCall service. eCall customers can continue to use the popular FSMSC (Fixnet Short Message Service Centre) service without interruption. If a text message is sent to a landline number, the text will be automatically converted into a voice message via eCall and spoken to the recipient. The eCall system contains an algorithm enabling it to recognise the text language and speak the message in the appropriate language.


‘eCall’s SMS-to-Speech function is the ideal replacement for the landline-SMS service. The text rendition is very reliable, with good speech quality in German, English, French or Italian,’ - Yves P. Grepper, Head of Marketing & Sales Business Messaging at Dolphin Systems



Text messages arrive safely

Customers do not need to do anything to make use of eCall’s ‘Landline-SMS’ service. The SMS-Gateway automatically detects whether the message is being sent to a landline number. The text message is then converted into an audio message. eCall can therefore ensure good quality and a high delivery rate - even when sending to landline numbers. In addition to German, we currently also offer French, Italian and English. 


Existing users of our Text-to-Speech solution will benefit from an improved process. The spoken menu has been slightly adjusted. Receipt of voicemails will, of course, continue as before. Furthermore, Dolphin systems is the only provider that protects voice messages with an additional security function. Using the ‘High Privacy Voice’ option, the system overwrites each message so that it can not be reconstructed after transmission.



About Dolphin Systems

Founded in 1992 and based in Wollerau in the Canton of Schwyz, Dolphin Systems AG is the youngest member of the F24 Group. The company employs over 30 highly-qualified employees and has over 25 years of experience in the provision of telecommunication and IT solutions, as well as in project management and software engineering. With its eCall platform, Dolphin Systems offers solutions for high-volume communication of critical and sensitive business content.

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SMS read aloud even for people with impaired vision

These voice messages can be sent to any cellphone or landline. The service is globally supported. The system calls up the recipient and “reads” the message text. This can be a boon for the visually impaired. After receipt, the message can be listened to again and receipt confirmed manually. If the recipient is unavailable, the system repeats the message twice more at a five-minute interval. 

Das Symbol zeigt ein weisses Kuvert und darüber eine blaue Sprechblase

Read out mTANs

On request, eCall can also send mTANs as text-to-speech. Confidential information such as mobile transaction numbers (mTANs) or access codes can also be sent as voice messages in two-level authentication. 

Voice messages have two key benefits: 

  • eCall always reaches its recipient. However, text messages may experience delays in international transmission, depending on the provider and the recipient’s country.
  • We are the only provider to offer additional security protection for voice messages. The “High Privacy Voice” option overwrites the message, preventing it from being reconstructed.

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