SMS2APP melds SMS and push messages into one intelligent app

Make the most of the benefits of SMS combined with TrustCase secure push technology. The innovative app is a low-cost yet reliable method for eCall business customers to reach their contacts. 

The app’s sophisticated intelligence recognizes whether the recipient can be reached by Web message or SMS only. As soon as you activate push messaging, eCall sends your messages via the TrustCase app. If the push message cannot be sent, eCall’s SMS Gateway sends a conventional text message to the recipient’s device. sms2app thus ensures your information always arrives.

From mTAN and alarm activation to promotional campaigns

The TrustCase app is a service that works like Apple’s iMessage. Ideally, you can move even critical services such as mTAN or alarm activation to lower-cost IP-based messaging. You can rely on the redundant structure to send your message as an SMS as in the past.

We will be happy to prepare a quotation that suits your needs depending on traffic volume. Use of the additional Web-based communication channel sms2app is based on the Business Contract as basic agreement.

The TrustCase app for eCall is available for iOS and Android. 

Intelligent messaging

  • Recognizes whether the recipient can be reached via the app
  • Offering end-to-end encryption, it is particularly suitable for sensitive data such as access codes
  • App selects the best messaging method
  • Available for iOS and Android