Contact tracing by SMS with eCall

Record the contact data of your guests as part of your COVID-19 protection concept. Without app or other programs.

SMS-Gateway to integrate text messaging functions into software and web applications

To handle high-volume communication in corporate environments, integrate our Swiss SMS Gateway into your CRM or ERP system, apps, desktop applications or websites — and send text messages to cellphones anywhere in the world. We provid the right interfaces (API's) for you to implement your SMS solutions fast and easily. 

Explore our SMS-Gateway with full range of web services

Ready for full-scale function testing in only 2 minutes. The messages required to be sent as part of function testing are free of charge.

Reliability and security – business communication via SMS

As a communication tool, SMS still offers numerous advantages over other messaging services. Even in this digital age, there are still convincing arguments for the importance and appropriateness of text messaging, particularly in terms of its reliability and security in a professional environment.

The four most important reasons

  • Very high network coverage & availability

No smartphone, app or internet connection required to send or receive a text. Even old mobile phones can send and receive short messages. The service functions even in regions with poor mobile network coverage. A brief moment of network reception is all it takes to send or receive a message. In addition, many landlines are capable of sending or receiving text messages.


  • Text messaging is widely trusted and has high open rates

The classic SMS is more widely trusted and accepted than other messaging services, particularly for business communications.


  • Simple integration

The SMS-Gateway can be easily integrated into existing business software. The SMS functionality can be extended within existing Web applications without the need for additional software, thanks to flexible and powerful interfaces (SMPP, TCP/IP, HTTPS, UCP, E-Mail, Web Service [SOAP]).


  • Security

Text messages are mobile communications, and as such are subject to the telecommunications regulations - and hence the regulatory supervision - of each individual country. In addition, features such as mobile TAN (mTAN) for online banking, two-factor authentication for internal or external portals, as well as the ‘High Privacy SMS’ option provide additional security features to ensure the security of your sensitive or critical business communications.



eCall, the cloud-based business messaging platform, offers multi-functional solutions for sending and receiving text and voice messages in both a private and a business context. As it is a Software-as-a-Service-Provider (SaaS), eCall does not require any special infrastructure or additional software. This increases not only the efficiency of your communications, but also the advantages for your customers and employees.



Even in our modern, digitised world, there are still rural regions and less developed countries where comprehensive mobile internet coverage is not guaranteed. SMS is the recommended communication tool, particularly for important, time-critical messages that the recipient needs to receive in a timely manner, Text messages are delivered with 99.95% security and are usually read within three minutes. The many advantages of text messaging should not be underestimated when compared with other forms of communication; the tried and tested SMS service is still an essential business communication tool.


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Integrate the SMS functionality into your business communication to reach more customers.

Symbol für das eCall sms gateway und seine schnittstellen

Interfaces and connections

Our system offers a range of interfaces: SMPP, TCP/IP, HTTPS, WebService, SOAP etc. and connections to standard software from RSA SecurID Appliance, SMS Passcode and SafeNet.

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SMS Top Prioritization

SMS Top Prioritization enables you to send vital text messages in seconds — such as sending security codes to cellphones as part of an access security system. 

Das Symbol für die Business Funktion High Privacy des SMS-Gateways zeigt ein blauweisses Bügelschloss

High Privacy SMS

We developed this data protection feature to send sensitive data such as mTANS, OTPs, security or access codes, passwords, patient data, and banking or insurance information. After sending the system overwrites the message, preventing it from being reconstructed. This feature is an ideal addition for situations involving confidential or critical content.

  • SLA
  • VPN
  • Log File
  • Layout

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Premium

Your personal Account Manager organizes solutions to any problems that occur. You receive round-the-clock professional support from our eCall Hotline.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We provide connections via a VPN tunnel. VPNs are heavily encrypted, ensuring that the orders you send and your account administration are protected at maximum security level.

Log File

Log File Transmission by email

Log file transmission provides you with our support to professionally monitor and manage your eCall account. Log files can also serve as a basis for invoicing your clients or customers. Log file transmission by email can be daily, weekly or monthly.



Own Layout (White Labeling)

We customize the layout of the emails you receive from our system (e.g. receipt confirmations) to your wishes.

Find out which functions eCall offers you from our brochure.


  • Quality – Direct connection to top Swiss provider
  • Security – Data remains in Switzerland at all times
  • Reliability – 99.95% availability based on redundant gateway infrastructure
  • Speed – Sent to anywhere in the world in seconds
  • Service – Listed in your monthly invoice, own SMS sender numbers

Explore our SMS Gateway and full range of functions:

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Areas of application

See exactly how and where our customers use SMS Gateway for their business messaging needs––with concrete applications.

Areas of application
Intended use

Web applications, apps and Web portals 

Enhanced functionality with SMS messaging

ERP systems and CRM solutions

Enhanced functionality by integrating SMS messaging  

Personal, personalized customer communication

Boost customer satisfaction by improving customer service, offering SMS order confirmations, delivery updates, booking and reservation confirmations, collection or appointment reminders, flight information, taxi bookings etc.  

Marketing campaigns 

Increase sales by generating high customer attention through SMS promotional announcements. Studies have shown that 98% of all text messages are read. Their response rate is up to 100 times higher than any other communication channel.

Corporate and organization communication

Direct, rapid communication with employees, suppliers, partners, the public, members, or school or college students. Average response time is 90 seconds––compared to 90 minutes for emails.

Two-factor authentication 

High level of access security plus straightforward procedure using SMS messaging to send mTANs, one-time passwords, access codes etc. directly to the user’s cellphone.

Our references:

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