Contact tracing by SMS with eCall

Record the contact data of your guests as part of your COVID-19 protection concept. Without app or other programs.

SMS API – Interfaces for integrated business messaging

These flexible and seamless high-performance interfaces enable you to connect eCall smoothly with your applications, websites, or apps. Expand and upgrade your business software and Web applications with reliable SMS functionality for automated text and push messaging. 

Automatic SMS messaging via interfaces opens up a host of potential applications

  • Added value for ERP and CRM solutions
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • In-house communication tool
  • Information channel for customers and partners
  • Two-factor authentication (transmission of mTAN / OTP)
  • SMS alarm activation and information

          You can start to use and test the programming interfaces immediately after registering. One call is enough: +41 44 787 30 70.

          We provide developers with a dedicated space with a broad range of sample applications and free source code.

          • Email interface
          • SMPP
          • TCP/IP
          • HTTP/HTTPS
          • WebService
          • UCP
          Email interface

          Email interface

          This interface enables a send order to be sent by email directly to a cellphone (SMS), pager, fax (including file attachment) or telephone (voice message). Any mail program (MS Outlook, Netscape Messenger, Lotus Notes, …) can be used. 


          SMPP access

          The service provides access to the short message peer-to-peer (SMPP) interface for text messaging. The SMPP interfaces applies a standard protocol primarily used for connecting to short message service centres (SMSC) for cellphones. This direct connection has advantages including the possibility of sending high volumes of messages extremely fast, easily and reliably. 


          TCP/IP access

          The universal TCP/IP access is used to send software directly via Internet messaging. Messages can be sent easily using Telnet (Socket).


          HTTP/HTTPS access

          HTTP/HTTPS access allows users to send messages directly via the Internet from any software of their choice. Messages can be sent by using URLs. 

          The method is particularly useful for Web programmers (from PHP, ASP…). In simple terms, it is similar to calling up a website. 


          WebService access

          WebService Access offers the possibility of using standardized Web methods to send messages to various call systems. 



          In order to exchange text messages between different network elements and an SMSC, one can use the Universal Computer Protocol (UCP).

          Simplifying communication via interface and SMS Gateway 

          • Quick and simple to integrate into your business application
          • Interface specifications SMPP, WebService, HTTP/HTTPS
          • Code examples
          • No setup fees for the APIs
          • No licence fees

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