Overview - Help and Instructions

Registration | Login

Free registration and login to eCall

Where can I register for a new account?

Register for free without any obligations (including 30 free text messages).

If you are using eCall for professional purposes, we highly recommend opening an eCall business account. Please contact us directly after registration +41 (0)44 787 30 70 or info@ecall.ch.
Already registered customers can log in here directly.

Further information on registration

How to change username, password, e-mail-address etc. after registration?

Login to your eCall-Account. Click 'Settings' in the navigation on the left side of your screen. Here you can customize your personal settings.

Forgot Your User Name or Password?

Go to the Login-Page and click on "Lost Password" and enter your e-mail address or mobile phone number (the same that you used for registration when you created your account). Within two to five minutes your username and password will be resent.

How can I close my free account?

Your account will automatically be closed if it remains inactive for three months.

What is an eCall-Point & How to buy them

What are eCall points and how do I buy the points?

 A point is the basic unit in eCall. The basic price for an SMS is 1 point - additional roaming/interconnection charges may apply depending on the provider. Basic price for sending one fax message is 1,5 points, fax reception costs 0,5 point.

The price for one point depends on the account type and/or on the method of purchase and the amount of points purchased. Click here for your free registration, without any obligations.

Where to buy points: After the login, select the menu item -'Shop / Buy points' > 'Buy points' in the navigation on the left. In the screenshot below you see the different payment options.

Payment Method

Various methods of payment are available depending on how quickly you need eCall points. Select the fitting offer of points and click on your chosen payment method on the shopping basket.

At once 

  • Telephone (0900/0190, in CH and D)
  • Creditcard / Postoffice card (worldwide)
  • PayPal

Within two to three working days

  • Invoice, or direct bank transfer online (worldwide, EU with inland fees, see Regulations for CH and EU)

By invoice

Invoice or online banking

You can print out an invoice after choosing the required number of points.

Use the convenience of bank payments. In Switzerland, you can even have invoices sent to you by mail.

Please note:

  • Bank charges are payable by you, and ensure that your user name / account number is correctly included with the payment.
  • Postal invoices can be sent to Swiss addresses only - printing out an invoice is quicker and just as valid.

How to save money with EU cross-border payments

1st July 2003 marked the start of EU cross-border payments, which enable you to make euro transfers within the EU more efficiently and at lower cost.

Banks offer you incoming and outgoing payments within the EU at the price of domestic transfers

The following criteria must be met:

  • Transfer currency: Euro
  • Maximum amount: EUR 12,500
  • Indication of IBAN ("International Bank AccountNumber") and BIC ("Bank Identifier Code") is obligatory
  • Cross-border payment within the EU member states and Switzerland
  • No special instructions (e.g. "urgent")
  • Shared charges: customer bank charges must be borne by the customer, recipient's bank charges by the recipient. Other instructions for the payment of charges are not possible

For fast and cheap execution of your cross-border payment order, the IBAN and the BIC details must be quoted.

By credit card/postcard

Quick and uncomplicated, directly via the internet

For quick, safe, uncomplicated purchasing, make direct payments online with Saferpay.

Cards accepted: 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Diners
  • American Express
  • Postcard (CH only) 

Execution of payment is via a safe server with SSL-encryption.


Your data are transmitted using a  SSL process, which constantly encodes data between your web server and our web server. In this way personal details such as names, addresses or credit card numbers cannot be seen by 3rd parties.

Request to increase the online credit at eCall:

  • Please contact us

Via phone

It's easy by phone!

Buying points by phone is very simple, and is particularly practical if you do not possess a credit card or do not wish to use one.

Points are credited to your account while listening to relaxing music. You can purchase points either over the fixed network, or using a mobile phone.


  • The cost for an SMS or any other message does not depend on how long you are on the phone. The longer you listen to the music, the more points you receive, and consequently, the more messages you can send.
  • To use this service, you need a telephone with tone dialling (DTMF).
  • Purchases can be monitored directly via Completed puchases.
  • With your payment you agree to eCall's Standard Terms of Use.
  • Currently this service is only available to our customers in Switzerland.

Instructions for Switzerland

  1. In your eCall-account navigation click on "Shop / Buy points"
  2. Click in the table on "Phone"
  3. Dial now the premium-rate number 0900 009 108 (CHF 6.66 per minute). The costs will be added to your account fully as points (39 points per minute, CHF 0.17 is 1 point).
  4. After the greeting, enter the 8-digit reference number which will be displayed in the step pay with phone under 2.
  5. Give your consent by entering the required digit.
  6. Confirm that you have entered the reference number correctly.
  7. As soon as you hear the music click on "Continue" to proceed to the overview of the current purchase.


If you receive the message "This phone number is invalid" after pressing the key, it means that the system does not recognise your key. In this case, check whether or not the DTMF mode is activated on your phone, or use another phone. Further attempts with the same phone are useless and will only mean additional costs for you.

With PayPal


Immediately after receiving the confirmation of payment by PayPal the points will be added to your account.

Due to security issues the following restrictions apply:

  • For a non PayPal verified user: max. 1 purchase every 60 days
  • For a PayPal verified user: max. 1 purchase eyery day
  • In case of fraud: the account will be locked

Find more information about PayPal here.

Profit Code

Profit with the profit code

Have you received a profit code from a banner, from an advertisement or directly from friends? If yes - either register or login to your account to fill in the Profit code and benefit immediately. The profit code enables you to receive special points for testing or for special offers.

After login to your account you can find the entry form for your profit code on the left side in the menu under: "Other" > "Profit Code". Fill in the profit code into the entry form and click the button "Check Profit Code". The free points for testing or the points from a special offer will be credited to your account immediately.

SMS | Pager

SMS | Pager

With eCall you can send and receive text messages. This is possible via internet, e-mail or interfaces (APIs) connection (TCP-IP, HTTPs, Socket, etc.). Any sender can be defined, preferably the own mobile or landline number for inquiries.

The transmission time can be determined freely. Standing orders (e.g. birthday reminder, service duty, medicine reminder) are possible as well.

If a text message gets received from a mobile phone it will be displayed in the logbook. Also an answer via text message by eCall is possible.

Sending a text message to a group is possible by defining this group in the address book, whereas the numbers can be copied easily from e.g. Excel (copy -> paste).

Text messages can be sent worldwide. For information as to which providers are currently supported and the cost of roaming charges please consult our Roaming-List.

Messages to pagers are only supported in Switzerland.

Sending Messages

Information about sending text messages.

Do you have further questions? Please contact us by phone +41 (0)44 787 30 70 or by e-mail info@ecall.ch.

How do I send an SMS

How much does a text message cost?

In most cases it costs one credit. Depending on the provider there can be an additional roaming fee. Please check the roaming list for country and provider specific charges.

Text message to a fixnet phone (CH)

Swisscom discontinues the fixed network SMS service Per 01.07.2018.

How long can a message be?

The maximum length of a text message depends on the message service and on the receiving device. If you use a mobile phone 160 characters are available and with an alphanumeric pager 80 characters are available. In addition eCall is able to split long text messages into multiple short pages. In this way a message can contain up to 1600 characters depending on the type of account.

Note: Regarding the points on your account each transmitted page is treated as a single text message!

With free messages eCall uses a part of the message for advertising. In this case the available text is reduced to a length of e.g. 60 resp. 140 characters. In addition please note that free messages cannot be sent to numeric pagers! As soon as you use paid points advertising will not be included in the message and you will then have the full length of text available.

Long text messages

Information about "long text messages":

Long text messages will be sent and accounted as multiple text messages. 

  • Newer mobile phones are able to put this text messages together as one again and to show it in the correct order.
  • If a text message happens to be longer than 160 characters then one part of the message contains 153 characters, which means that 153 characters require points for one text message.
  • In the log book the multiple text messages appear as one. Compared to the messages parted by eCall the consumption of points will be spent for the entire message.
  • Older mobile phones show these long text messages as many messages. With very old mobile phones it is possible that the first seven characters won't be visible. However, the rest of the message will be correctly shown.
  • If a message doesn't get completely shown on a mobile phone's display the problem can also be the phone itself. Some phones set limits to about 740 characters per message. Others can show "unlimited" long messages. You can find out about your phone's limits by reading its manual.
  • If a long text message reply goes to eCall there's no guarantee that this process may work completely well.
  • The settings in the eCall sending options apply to the maximum of length/number of a text message. The maximal possible length then is not x times 160 but x times 153.


Flash SMS

You can send a Flash SMS, too. This function directly shows the text message on the mobile phone's display.

Please note: The text message will not be stored in the mobile! The text message will be deleted as soon as a new one comes in. We recommend to use PrioSMS+ if the information is very important.

How can I know whether eCall has sent the message or not (confirmation of transmission)?

By checking the logbook you can easily find out about the status of your transmission orders (Transmission OK/ERROR). The status tells you if eCall has been able to transmit the message to the message service or if there has been a problem. For example: A message may not be accepted by a message service if the recipient's number isn't valid.

How can I know whether the message has reached the recipient (confirmation of receipt)?

Whenever you send an SMS message the status indication shows you "Not yet confirmed" or "Confirmed on ..." in the logbook to indicate whether the mobile phone has received the message or not (supported only for private and business accounts).

While giving the transmission order you can also request a confirmation of receipt from eCall to a pager, mobile phone, or e-mail address.

Important: With most paging services it is impossible to confirm whether the message has arrived at its destination or not, because pagers cannot send back a confirmation of receipt.

Do the transmitted messages get protocolled?

All the messages you send get protocolled in the log book by eCall. You can check the log book at any time via internet.

How can I send a transmission order at regular intervals (standing order)?

Select 'Transmission' -> 'for standing order'. There you can select at what intervals a SMS transmission order is supposed to be sent and which person or group from your address book is supposed to receive the message. You can have a message sent daily, weekly or yearly (for example as a birthday reminder).

Receiving Messages

Can I receive text messages from a mobile phone?

If you want to make it easy for the recipient of a message to send you a reply activate the transmission option 'I wish to get an SMS reply via eCall' before sending the message.

The recipient can easily send back a text message to eCall by using the function 'Reply' on his mobile phone. This reply appears in your logbook under 'Received Messages'. If you wish you can have the reply forwarded (for example as an e-mail or to your mobile phone).

You can also receive a text message without having to send one first. A mobile phone user who wants to send you a message must proceed as follows:

  1. Before entering the text the user must enter your eCall user name. Right before and after your user name there must be an exclamation mark. Example: !john smith!This is a message from my mobile phone to your eCall address.
  2. He must send the text message to the number +41 76 333 20 20.

In the example above the text 'This is a message from my mobile phone to your eCall address.' appears in John Smith's log book under 'Received Messages'.

Virtual Mobile Number

Rent your own virtual mobile number!

With eCall you can rent one or more virtual mobile numbers.

Every incoming text message to these virtual mobile numbers will be quickly and reliably forwarded to one or more receivers.

The forwarding can be done by e-mail, text message, fax, TCP/IP or HTTP. It is possible to have the message forwarded to multiple receivers (e.g. to SMS and e-mail).

To rent a virtual mobile number simply go to 'Account settings' -> 'SMS-receipt'.

We are looking forward to support you +41 (0)44 787 30 70

Virtual mobile number

To rent a virtual mobile number online please proceed as follows:

  1. Log in at eCall.
  2. At the menu to the left, in account settings -> SMS receipt, you can rent a number (at the moment only swiss numbers with prefix +41 7x...). Please note there is a fee(see below) for a virtual Virtualmobile number.


If you receive a text message on your virtual mobile number you can forward to any recipient. Available are the following options:

  • Text message
  • E-mail
  • TCP/IP ('business' only)
  • HTTP/HTTPS ('business' only)
  • Fax ('business' only)

Setting up forwarding

Here you can set up forwarding:

  1. Select mobile number.
  2. Define filter rules such as sender or text ('business' only).
  3. Define forward options (see above).


To prevent abuse only one virtual mobile number can be rented per account directly. To request more numbers please contact our secretariat 044 787 30 70 / info@ecall.ch.

At the request of website operators like olx.ch, anibis.ch, etc. we ask you not to make a registration with one of our virtual mobile numbers. Receiving login data, passwords, security codes, etc. with our virtual mobile numbers to bypass an authentication is not allowed!


Fees for our virtual mobile numbers:

For eCall private customers 

  • Setup fee per virtual mobile number: 75 credits (one-time charge), resp. ca. CHF 10.- / € 6.-
  • Service fee per virtual mobile number: 75 credits a month (charged on 1st of month) resp. ca. CHF 10.- / € 6.-
  • 0.5 points per received text message


For customers with eCall business contract

  • Setup fee per virtual mobile number: CHF 10.- / € 6.- (one-time charge)
  • Service fee per virtual mobile number: CHF 10.- resp. € 6.- / a month (charged on 1st of month)
  • 0.5 points per received text message



Do you want to send special text messages that cannot be missed? Whether for a birthday congratulation, urgent warning or advertising message to your customers and business partners: Give a special touch to your messages with PrioSMS+.

PrioSMS+ offers you following advantages: 

  1. Special display - The text message will be instantly displayed on the mobile phone of the recipient. Depending on phone type it may be different.
  2. Double ringtone - The reception of the PrioSMS+ will also be especially audible: The bell rings twice.
  3. Higher dispatch priority - The text message is sent with a higher priority.
  4. Importance of the text message - Show the recipient that this is not a normal text message. It's something special.
  5. Good value dispatch - Profit of the above advantages of these special text message for only twice the price.

Long PrioSMS: With Android or Windowsphone only 160 characters can be received as PrioSMS. With iOS also messages with more then 160 characters will be displayed.

Activating PrioSMS+

Delivery and read confirmation

You can use the options 'Request a Delivery Receipt' and 'Request a Read Receipt' that are familiar to you from your mail program (e.g. Outlook) also with eCall. The functions slightly differ from the usual practice:

When you activate 'Request a Delivery Receipt' you will receive a receipt (delivery notification) from the server of eCall as soon as your e-mail arrives there.

Additionally you will receive a receipt confirmation (send status) as soon as the message is confirmed by the receiver (mobile phone).

When you activate 'Request a Read Receipt' you will receive a receipt confirmation (send status) as soon as the message is confirmed by the receiver (mobile phone).

Receipt confirmation

Whenever you create a message to send you can set up eCall to send a receipt confirmation to a pager, mobile or e-mail adress (activate 'Receipt Confirmation'). You can set up this option in 'Settings' -> 'General'.

Changes of the confirmation's standard display are possible.


Sending and Receiving Fax | Virtual Fax Numbers

Send a Fax

Send a Fax

With eCall you can easily send faxes worldwide.

eCall offers the following basic services:

  • Transmission via e-mail, internet browser, text message or a technical interface
  • Worldwide transmission
  • Automatic document conversion
  • Confirmation of transmission
  • Bulk sending- Coversheets
  • Special parameters

How do I send a fax | The different sending methods

Take advantage of the various methods for fax transmission.

You can easily send a fax using e-mail, internet, text message or various technical interfaces. Simple text messages or also various document types can be directly sent to eCall. eCall will automatically convert them to faxes.

You can also receive faxes through eCall or forward to an e-mail.

Dispatch via browser

Sending fax via browser

  • To send a fax, click on 'Send to' -> 'Fax' in your eCall account.
  • The content of a fax job could have following elements:
  • Recipient: Please enter the number of the recipient(s) either directly or through theaddress book.
  • Message: The message consists of three parts: the subject, the title of the fax and the message itself.
  • Attachments: Attach your files (Excel, Word, PDF, ...) to the fax.
  • Transmission options: With those you can send a fax to a specific date and / or to a specific time.
  • Fax sender: The fax sender can be either a number of eCall or your own.

You can find further explanations to the settings here.

Helpful hints:

  • The number of characters of text which can be sent is limited to 2'000. The size of attached files can be up to 5 MB.
  • You have the option of setting a specific time for sending faxes.
  • Fax messages without a written text message are sent without a header (reference line is ignored) and only attached files will be sent.
  • Following dialing codes cannot be used for faxes in Switzerland: 074, 080, 084, 090. In Germany: 070, 080, 018, 019 and in Austria: 080, 081, 082, 090, 093.

Sending by e-mail

Sending fax via e-mail

How you can send an Office document as a fax (WinWord, Power Point, Excel as well as PDF, GIF, JPG, BMP):

Activate in the eCall menu option 'Settings' -> 'Access via e-mail' the option 'Allow messages via e-mail'.

2. Write down your e-mail address on the same site in format 6

3. Now open your Word-File. Open a document and click 'File' -> 'Send to' in the Word menu. There activate 'Mail receiver (as attachment)' so no fax header gets registered by eCall™. Type in the destination address Faxnumber@fax.ecall.ch (e.g. 017873071@fax.ecall.ch). Take the time to test your template: it's possible that the width of the document turns out a little smaller than in the printed version.

Important: Click 'Mail receiver (as attachment)' -> 'Choose attachment', NOT 'Mail receiver' or an error message pops up during the conversion process.

4. Click 'Send' and the fax message is already on its way. In the eCall log you can read when exactly the fax message was sent. By the way: You will receive a transmission confirmation if the acknowledgment via e-mail is activated.

5. Note: For this option you need a private account at least. Your testing account automatically turns into a private account as soon as you purchase eCall points. You can purchase points anytime. You won't get an uncalled bill / charges in your private account.

Sending via SMS

Sending fax via text message

In order to send a fax message via text message please proceed like this:

Enter the group name in front of the text. Place an asterisk '*' right before and after the group name. Example: *Bowlingclub* Tournament postponed until 20.00h.

Send the text message to the number +41 76 333 20 20.

In this example all members of the group 'Bowling Club' would receive the message 'Tournament postponed until 20.00h.'


  • A fax cannot be sent to a single person (use a direct number instead).
  • A group must be defined as 'Fax-Group' in eCall.
  • A fax number can be substituted for the group name: e.g. '*011234567*...'
  • Sender information will use last name and first name as registered under 'Settings' -> 'Personal Settings'.

Important: If you wish to enable a fax message with eCall via text message, the option 'I wish to receive text messages from mobile phones' in 'Settings' -> 'General' must be activated. In addition your mobile number must be correctly entered in 'Settings' -> 'Personal settings'. This mobile number is the only access to your eCall account via text message.

Dispatch via interface (API)

Sending fax via interface

A fax message can be sent not only by web browser, e-mail or text message but also by using our TCP/IP or HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

Learn more about those interfaces (APIs) >

We dispatch for you

We carry out mass mailing for you

Do you want to give us the document and fax number so we can manage the bulk sending for you?

Our services: 

  • Receipt of the list of numbers, PDF, fringe parameter for sending transmission
  • Testing submission for quality validation etc.
  • Assembling, preparing the commission
  • Commission release through bulk fax gateway (>1000 lines)
  • Very fast transmission
  • Date of transmission is your decision
  • Protocoll of the entire transmission in an Excel file
  • Separately send billing


  • Handling charges (onetime): CHF 150.00
  • Per fax number (transmission attempt) and fax site: CHF 0.12
  • Prices in CHF excluding VAT

Supported documents/files

With eCall you can directly fax your documents. The documents will automatically be converted by eCall.

The following file types are supported:





















.ZIP (Content: max 20 files and max size of 20 MB)

*Graphics will automatically be reduced in size to one page or page width.

The following files are ignored:






Worldwide transmissione

Call's fax service is supported worldwide. However, there are some exceptions. Please check the country you would like to fax to in by contacting us directly +41 (0)44 787 30 70

How much does fax transmission cost?

On the average, sending one fax page costs ca. 1.5 Points per minute.

The exact rate depends on the fax transmission time, the recipient number and the eCall account type. It is advisable to conduct a sample test. Please contact us.

Fax transmission time is precisely calculated in seconds (one minute minimum). A small charge will be incurred in case of an error. If no connection can be made (Example: Always busy, no answer), then 1 point will be charged since the infrastructure is still being used. If the fax on the other end picks up then charges always apply to the connection time.

Additional features

What else is possible? More information right here.

Confirmation of transmission

Confirmation of transmissione

Call delivers a confirmation of transmission. You can check the transmission status in (either) the logbook and/or in your e-mail.

Mass mailing via Internet

Bulk sending via internet

In order to send a fax message to a group of people first create a fax group. 

  1. Click on 'Address book' -> 'Groups'
  2. Click on 'New'
  3. Choose Group type 'Fax'
  4. Enter group member details

After the group has been composed, click on 'Send message' -> 'to Fax' and choose the group. Compose your fax and attach any files if you want. Choose 'Send' and your fax message will be forwarded to all group members. A group may contain one recipient or even thousands of recipients.

Mass mailing via E-Mail

Bulk faxing via e-mail

In order to fax a document by e-mail to multiple addresses please proceed as follows:

1. Activate the option in eCall menu 'Allow messages by e-mail' in 'Settings' -> 'Access via e-mail'.

2. Enter your e-mail address on the same page.

3. Open a group in the addressbook (e.g. named 'Advertfax1+ as a Fax group'). You may enter up to 2000 numbers in one group (copy/insert), for more numbers simply create a new group.

4. Now simply send an e-mail to Advertfax1@fax.ecall.ch with your document (Word, pdf, etc).

Important: It's advisable to send a test fax to yourself, then check its layout and adapt the message if necessary.

5. You can check what the fax message just cost and when it was sent in the log.


Cover sheets

If only a document (Word or other formats) is transmitted without accompanying text (no text in the body) then no coversheet is sent along with it. A coversheet will only be created when there is additional text.

If you would like to use the place holder / parameter with no body text fill them in the subject line.

Don't like the standard cover sheet?

Business customers can define their own coversheet. The coversheet is a RTF file which can be edited in, for example, Word. You can adjust the settings so that a coversheet is always sent along.

Available place holder/parameters

In the coversheets following place holders can be used. The system replaces the place holder by the actual values.

  • <Date> -> current date (dd.MM.yyyy)
  • <Time> -> current time (HH:mm:ss)
  • <AddressTo> -> Number of the receiver
  • <InfoTo> -> Information about the receiver
  • <AddressFrom> -> Number of the sender
  • <FaxIDFrom> -> Fax identification of the sender
  • <InfoFrom> -> Information about the sender
  • <Subject> -> Subject
  • <Message> -> body text, message
  • %%CS....%% -> special placeholder for cover sheets

Receive a Fax

Receiving fax messages

You can also receive fax messages. eCall offers you the following basic services: 

  • Your own fax number
  • Fax messages are saved in the logbook (as PDF)
  • Forwarding as an e-mail (as PDF) with transmission details
  • On demand anonymous fax messages and fax messages with defined sender numbers can be blocked out.

If you already own a fax number but no longer want to operate your fax machine you don't have to change your number. Just forward it to your eCall number.

Detailed information can be found at the Swisscom Website: Redirecting CallsIf there are further questions please contact your provider.

Technical Information about Status - Received Fax

Second calling number

This number can be set manually to display the number of the switchboard instead of having the fax number of the device displayed to the recipient.

Forwarding number

Direct forwarding number without using a switchboard.

Remote Fax ID

The ID of the FAX device.

Rx Speed

Transmission speed in receiving direction. Number of characters per second. 1 character is 8 bit.

Tx Speed

Transmission speed in transmission direction. Number of characters per second. 1 character is 8 bit.

Page resolution

Resolution of image and text in dpi.

MR Active

Modified READ, also known as "Fax Group 3" or one-dimensional encoding. The compression rates depend on the image data, but generally MMR provides the best compression followed by MR.

MMR Active

Modified Modified READ, also known as "Fax Group 4" or two-dimensional encoding. The compression rates depend on the image data, but in general MMR provides the best compression, followed by MR.

ECM Active (Error Correction Mode)

Fax systems that support the ECM error-checking mode will check the accuracy of the transmitted data during transmission. This prevents image errors due to line noise.

Status: ISDN Cause Value

The following is an overview of the common ISDN cause values:

Download list as PDF


0x0000 > GOOD











0x1101 > WRONG_APPL_ID

0x1102 > BAD_MSG

0x1103 > QUEUE_FULL

0x1104 > GET_NO_MSG

0x1105 > MSG_LOST


0x1107 > CAPI_BUSY





0x2001 > WRONG_STATE


0x2003 > OUT_OF_PLCI

0x2004 > OUT_OF_NCCI

0x2005 > OUT_OF_LISTEN

0x2006 > OUT_OF_FAX















0x3301 > L1_ERROR

0x3302 > L2_ERROR

0x3303 > L3_ERROR











0x3400 > OK

0x3401 > Unbekannte_Rufnummer

0x3402 > Keine_Route_definiert

0x3403 > Keine_Route_zur_Zielrufnummer

0x3406 > B-Kanal_unakzeptabel

0x3407 > B-Kanal_ist_belegt

0x3410 > Normal_call_clearing

0x3411 > User_busy

0x3412 > Keine_Reaktion_vom_Tln.

0x3413 > Keine_Antwort_vom_Tln.

0x3415 > Call_rejected

0x3416 > Number_changed

0x341A > Non-selected_user_clearing

0x341B > Destination_out_of_order

0x341C > Invalid_number_format

0x341D > Facility_rejected

0x341E > Antwort_auf_STATUS_ENQUIRY

0x341F > Normal, _unspecified

0x3422 > No_circuit/channel_available

0x3426 > Network_out_of_order

0x3429 > Temporary_failure

0x342A > Switching_equipment_congestion

0x342B > Access_information_discarded

0x342C > Requested_B-Channel_not_available

0x342F > Resources_unavailable, _unspecified

0x3431 > Quality_of_service_unavailable

0x3432 > Requested_facility_not_subscribed

0x3439 > Bearer_capability_not_authorized

0x343A > Bearer_capability_not_presently_available

0x343F > Service_or_option_not_available, _unspecified

0x3441 > Bearer_capability_not_implemented

0x3442 > B-Channel_type_not_implemented

0x3445 > Requested_facility_not_implemented

0x3446 > Only_restricted_digital_information_bearer_capability_is_available

0x344F > Service_or_option_not_implemented, _unspecified

0x3451 > Invalid_call_reference_value

0x3452 > Identified_B-Channel_does_not_exist

0x3453 > A_suspended_call_exists, _but_this_call_identity_does_not

0x3454 > Call_identity_in_use

0x3455 > No_call_suspended

0x3456 > Call_having_the_requested_call_identity_has_been_cleared

0x3458 > Incompatible_destination

0x345B > Invalid_transit_network_selection

0x345F > Invalid_message, _unspecified

0x3460 > Mandatory_information_element_is_missing

0x3461 > Message_type_nonexistent_or_not_implemented

0x3462 > Message_not_compatible_with_call_state_or_message_type_nonexistent_or_not_implemented

0x3463 > Information_element_nonexistent_or_not_implemented

0x3464 > Invalid_information_element_contents

0x3465 > Message_not_compatible_with_call_state

0x3466 > Recovery_on_timer_expiry

0x346F > Protocol_error, _unspecified

0x347F > Interworking, _unspecified

0x3480 > OK

0x3481 > Unbekannte_Rufnummer

0x3482 > Keine_Route_definiert

0x3483 > Keine_Route_zur_Zielrufnummer

0x3486 > B-Kanal_unakzeptabel

0x3487 > B-Kanal_ist_belegt

0x3490 > Normal_call_clearing

0x3491 > User_busy

0x3492 > Keine_Reaktion_vom_Tln.

0x3493 > Keine_Antwort_vom_Tln.

0x3495 > Call_rejected

0x3496 > Number_changed

0x349A > Non-selected_user_clearing

0x349B > Destination_out_of_order

0x349C > Invalid_number_format

0x349D > Facility_rejected

0x349E > Antwort_auf_STATUS_ENQUIRY

0x349F > Normal, _unspecified

0x34A2 > No_circuit/channel_available

0x34A6 > Network_out_of_order

0x34A9 > Temporary_failure

0x34AA > Switching_equipment_congestion

0x34AB > Access_information_discarded

0x34AC > Requested_B-Channel_not_available

0x34AF > Resources_unavailable, _unspecified

0x34B1 > Quality_of_service_unavailable

0x34B2 > Requested_facility_not_subscribed

0x34B9 > Bearer_capability_not_authorized

0x34BA > Bearer_capability_not_presently_available

0x34BF > Service_or_option_not_available, _unspecified

0x34C1 > Bearer_capability_not_implemented

0x34C2 > B-Channel_type_not_implemented

0x34C5 > Requested_facility_not_implemented

0x34C6 > Only_restricted_digital_information_bearer_capability_is_available

0x34CF > Service_or_option_not_implemented, _unspecified

0x34D1 > Invalid_call_reference_value

0x34D2 > Identified_B-Channel_does_not_exist

0x34D3 > A_suspended_call_exists, _but_this_call_identity_does_not

0x34D4 > Call_identity_in_use

0x34D5 > No_call_suspended

0x34D6 > Call_having_the_requested_call_identity_has_been_cleared

0x34D8 > Incompatible_destination

0x34DB > Invalid_transit_network_selection

0x34DF > Invalid_message, _unspecified

0x34E0 > Mandatory_information_element_is_missing

0x34E1 > Message_type_nonexistent_or_not_implemented

0x34E2 > Message_not_compatible_with_call_state_or_message_type_nonexistent_or_not_implemented

0x34E3 > Information_element_nonexistent_or_not_implemented

0x34E4 > Invalid_information_element_contents

0x34E5 > Message_not_compatible_with_call_state

0x34E6 > Recovery_on_timer_expiry

0x34EF > Protocol_error, _unspecified

0x34FF > Interworking, _unspecified

Virtual Fax Numbers to receive Fax Messages

Renting a virtual  fax number

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Login at eCall.
  2. At the menu to the left under 'Settings' -> 'Fax reception' you can rent a number (at the moment only swiss numbers with prefix +41 44...). Please note that there is a fee for a fax number.


As a second step you can have a fax message forwarded to one or more e-mail addresses. Please proceed as follows: 

  1. Login at eCall.
  2. At the menu on the left under 'Settings' -> 'Fax reception' you can define forwarding options.
  3. You will receive the fax message as a PDF file.


For eCall private customers: 

  • Setup fee per fax number:30 credits (one-time charge), resp. ca. CHF 5.- / € 3.50
  • Service fee per fax number:30 credits a month (charged on 1st of month) resp. ca. CHF 5.- / € 3.50
  • Transmission fee per fax minute: 0.5 credits (since January 28th 2008)

For customers with an eCall business contract: 

  • Setup fee per fax number:CHF 5.- / € 3.50 (one-time charge)
  • Service fee per fax number:CHF 5.- resp. € 3.50 / a month (charged on 1st of month)
  • Transmission fee per fax minute: 0.5 credits

Exact rates depend on fax transmission time. Transmission time is precisely calcutated in seconds (1 minute minimum). 

Sending and receiving fax | Virtual fax numbers

With eCall you can very easily send and receive fax messages. You can send a fax message either via internet browser, e-mail, text message or even via interfaces (APIs).

Your documents (Word, Excel, PDF,...) will automatically be converted and sent to a fax. If you receive a fax reply you can look at it in eCall or have it forwarded to your e-mail address as a PDF. In order to receive fax messages you need to have your own fax number which you can simply rent from eCall.

eCall Fax substitutes your conventional fax machine. eCall is worldwide available. You can also have your fax number redirected to eCall. In that way, you can continue to use your old fax number even without the fax machine. Last but not least this is a good solution in case your fax machine should ever be out of order.


Fax via Internet

In just two minutes, this animated film explains the advantages eCall fax can bring you and why it makes sense to switch to sending faxes via the Internet.



Animations-Video: Fax online senden am PC

Push (Threema)

Sending push messages with eCall to Threema

In addition to SMS, fax, pager messages, e-mail and voice-mail we also offer communication via push message. Only users of the messenger app Threema can receive these notifications so far. The dispatch happens via web browser or mail program. One message includes up to 3'000 characters each and costs 0,5 eCall points.

This service is available for every eCall account, whether private or business. No additional registration or application is needed.

Send messages

Sending messages from the eCall account

Choice in the navigation on the left side of your screen under "Transmission" the point "to Threema". In the picture (below) you see how to send a message in four easy steps.

  1. Fill in the address (mobile num. e-mail-address or Threema-ID)
  2. Write a message
  3. Determine Sender
  4. Send

Via e-mail interface

Sending from your e-mail program

You can send push messages easily and conveniently from your e-mail client. There are three different ways as an recipient's address will be composed:

  1. Mobilenumber@threema.ecall.ch
  2. threema ID@threema.ecall.ch
  3. E-Mail-address@threema.ecall.ch

It is important that in your settings the access via e-mail has been activated.

With the mobile phone number

With the mobile phone number

The structure of the e-mail address with the mobile phone number is as follows:

[Mobile phone number]@threema.eCall.ch 

Example: 0041790000000@threema.eCall.ch

With the threema ID

With the threema ID

The structure of the e-mail address with the threema ID is as follows:

[Threema ID ]@threema.eCall.ch 

Example: MPTJ4ZUN@threema.eCall.ch

The threema ID can be found here

With the e-mail address

With the E-mail address

The structure of the e-mail address to the e-mail address is as follows (there are two possibilities):

Variant 1
[E-mail address, the "@" to be replaced with ".at."]@threema.eCall.ch

Example: Firstname.lastname.at.example.com@threema.eCall.ch

Variant 2 (address in quotation marks)

Example: "firstname.lastname@example.com"@threema.eCall.ch

Adjustments in settings – “access via e-mail”

Adjustments in settings - "access via e-mail"

Thus eCall can send your push messages from an e-mail program, you may need to adjust previously in your eCall account "Access via e-mail". Pls check if the box is checked at threema.

Threema sender

Create a custom sender

A sender profile always consists of an ID (8 characters) and a name (nickname). We provide from the system already several default sender which you can choose. Select these from the pull-down menu under "sender".

You can customize your sender profile including an avatar. Therefore we need from you:

  • an ID with 8 characters, which always begins with a (*) -. eg * EXEMPLE
  • a public name (nickname), is displayed to the recipient when he receives a push notification -. eg Muster AG
  • any image file (format: .jpg, max 2 MB.) - eg your logo.

In the threema app these contacts will be displayed accordingly.

Please contact our consulting team to get your sender, the conditions are shown above:

We are happy to assist you anytime. Call us +41 (0)44 787 30 70 or send an e-mail to info@ecall.ch.

Default sender:

eCall offers six standard sender for different themes:

eCall.ch | eCall alarm | eCall love | eCall message | eCall schedule | mTAN


    Threema classifies contacts in 3 levels of trust :

    •  Level 1 (red): ID and public key are retrieved from the server, as for the first time from this contact a message has been received (or the contact has been added manually). Since no suitable contact found in the address book (with phone number / e-mail), you can not be sure whether the person is really that, who she claims to be in their messages.

    •  Level 2 (orange):  the contact was found in the address book (with phone number or e-mail). Because the server phone numbers and e-mail addresses checked (SMS or e-mail with activation link), you can be relatively safe without additional verification that this person is really the one that we think.

    •  Level 3 (green): The public key of the person has been personally verified by scanning the QR code. As long as the instrument of this person has not been stolen / hacked, it is not possible that a third party can fake messages or can read messages from this person.

    In order that the eCall sender appears as a threema-user with the highest security level (three green dots), the contacts can be scanned as QR codes.

    Default sender and QR Codes for verification

    Default sender and QR Codes for verification

    Here you can scan the desired ID to verify this. Afterwards this ID has the highest security level with three green dots. To do that, please open on your mobile phone the threema Messenger: Then select "Contacts" and "scan ID" followed by:


    eCall alarm

    eCall love

    eCall message

    eCall termin


    Text-to-Speech Messages

    What is "Text-to-Speech"?

    Text-to-Speech messages are sent directly from your eCall-Account or via interface (API). eCall converts the written text into speech. The system calls to the receiver and reads him the text.

    To whom can I send a "text-to-speech" message?

    Text-to-Speech messages can be sent to any telephone (mobile or fixed network) with worldwide support (country code necessary outside of Switzerland).

    The system supports the following languages: English, German, French and Italien

    Note: Voice messages cannot be sent to numbers with the following dial code in Switzerland: 074


    • Automatic Text-to-Speech conversion
    • Confirmation: Manual acknowledgment of receipt
    • Languages: DE, EN, FR and IT
    • For worldwide use
    • "High Privacy" feature: All the contents are overwritten by our system after processing. The original content can't be reconstructed or listened. Perfect for sending access codes, passwords, etc. as part of a two-factor authentication solution

    Can the recipient listen to the message repeatedly and acknowledge it?

    At the end of the Text-to-Speech message, you can hear the message again by pressing the key 8 (8). To confirm the reception of the message by pressing the hashtag-key (#). You find all received acknowledgments in the logbook in the column "State".

    What happens if the recipient cannot be reached?

    If the recipient cannot be reached, the system will keep calling again twice in 5 minute intervals. After this period of time the message will be deleted.

    How much does text-to-speech cost?

    A Text-to-Speech message costs 5 points for each block of 160 characters or part thereof (i.e. a message containing 190 characters would cost 10 points).

    Can I trigger a text-to-speech message via SMS?

    Yes, you can. If you want to initiate a transmission order to eCall via text message go to 'settings', choose 'SMS' and click on the option 'I want to be able to receive SMS messages from mobile phones'. Note that your mobile number must be entered correctly under 'settings' -> 'personal settings'. You can only access your eCall account via text message using this mobile number.

    Enter the name of the person or group (before the text). Enter the last name of the person first and then the first name. Enter the hashtag symbol '#' before and after the name. There can be no space between the last and first name.


    • #bikeclub#tour postponed to Sunday due to bad weather
    • or: #smithjohn#tour postponed to Sunday due to bad weather

    Send the text message to the number: +41 79 333 20 20.

    In the first example above, the text 'tour postponed to Sunday due to bad weather' would be read out to all the 'bikeclub' members by telephone. In the second example, the message would be read out to the telephone number registered in the mobile number for 'John Smith'.

    The number in the field 'mobile number' in the address book is used for the person. A group must be defined in eCall as 'telephone groups'. You can also enter a telephone number, e.g. '#011234567#...' or a mobile number, e.g. '#0791234567#...' instead of a person or group name. The entered last and first name under 'settings' -> 'personal settings' is used as the sender information.