The various eCall services

eCall business

eCall business - SMS and fax service for integrated business purposes

eCall business is the leading Swiss SMS and fax service for writing, sending and receiving SMS and fax messages on the PC without its own infrastructure.

You pay a small monthly fee, benefit from a lower point price and benefit as a business customer from the following options.

Advantages of a business account

  • Secure SSL access by internet
  • High priority service (preferred against all other)
  • With a business account only one eCall account needs administration for all your employees. All costs are settled with one account, i.e. eCall charges all messages sent by your employees to the business account. Therefore a business account significantly reduces your administrative load.
  • A business account offers you the facility of other non interactive access methods for eCall (e.g. TCP/IP), besides the interactive access via web browser. For example, this access could be used by computer systems to send messsages automatically.
  • Payment for the services used is made in advance based on a monthly invoice.
  • Fast support in case of problems or questions.
  • Additional functions, log filters, etc.
  • Additional options: Interfaces for technical systems, exchange, monthly log by e-mail

Contract eCall business and opening an account

To open a business account please proceed as follows:

  • Call us on +41 (0)44 787 30 70 an, so that we can work with you to the contractual bases. You will then receive the corresponding document.
  • Send us the completed, legally signed application form by post or fax machine.
  • Pay the installation fee for the basic package and any extra services required.
  • As soon as we receive your application form and payment your account will be activated.

With your application you agree to accept the General Conditions and Terms of Business as well as the conditions and fees for the use of a business account for a minimum of 1 (one month). The contract is automatically extended if notice is not given at least 1 (one) month before the expiry date.

Invoice with purchase order

If a purchase order is necessary in your procurement process please announce this number together with your order.

More information about purchase order you find in our standard term of use.


The support line was set up so that business customers can contact us outside office hours. To use this service, a support contract (Service Level Agreement SLA) has to be agreed first.

For more information please see the flyer "Customer service".

eCall private

eCall private - convenience at a reasonable price

Your eCall test account automatically becomes an eCall private account after your first points purchase.

More about point packages here.

eCall private offers many advantages:


  • Message transmission with confirmation of receipt
  • SMS/Paging standard from your e-mail program
  • Facility to send messages via e-mail to a list of recipients
  • Fully usable message length 80 characters (Pager), up to 800 characters (SMS).
  • Time-delay (birthday reminders, etc) available
  • Increased number of messages and large groups available
  • Free Internet support for your questions and concerns

eCall company

Internal professional SMS & Pager service for your company

How about your own eCall for employees in your Intra- or Extranet?

eCall company is a user-friendly SMS/pager service for companies and can be very easily embedded in an Intranet/Extranet. eCall makes the internal address list/telephone directory available - this can be synchronised with existing databases if required. All basic SMS/pager functions from the business platform are then available.

Service is also available in German, French and Italian.

Who is eCall Company for?

For companies which wish to offer their employees their own professional SMS/pager service, ensuring fast and efficient communication with their colleagues.

What can eCall company do? 

  • Send, schedule, manage SMS and Pager messages
  • Personal company and local address directory
  • Log (with two receipts), address book and statistics
  • Self configurable e-mail layouts (for replies, confirmations, etc.)
  • Comfortble administrator access for maintenance by internet
  • Own page layout (option)
  • Integration of an existing customer-/co-worker database (option)

Where has eCall company been installed already?

Very notable companies/alarm organizations successfully use eCall company in their intranet (company examples can't be shown here since they're mostly used in the intranet).

What does eCall company cost?

You define the price for a text message with a small monthly fee and a deposit. The monthly turnover is free, only the points you use get accounted. For more information please contact us via e-mail or call us +41 (0)44 787 30 70. We gladly advise you personally.

Contracts for eCall company

For activation of a eCall company account there are two contracts available (only in German):

eCall portal

Professional SMS and Pager service for your Website

Want your own eCall for your Website?

eCall is a convenient SMS/pager service for websites which can be embedded very easily into your web environment. With this service, all basic eCall SMS/pager functions from the eCall sms & fax-portal business platform are available.

Service available in German, French and Italian.

Who is eCall portal for? 

For people whose websites offer their users a user-friendly, professional SMS/pager service, adding greatly to their appeal.

What is the principle of eCall portal? 

eCall portal is a convenient and complete text message service which you can easily integrate into your website. You will benefit from sales and more visitors on your website.

What can eCall portal do? 

  • Send, schedule, manage text and pager messages
  • Log (with two receipts), address book and statistics
  • Self configurable e-mail layouts (for replies, confirmations, etc.)
  • Comfortble administrator access for maintenance via internet
  • Settings for free point awarding
  • Shopping via 900 number for your customers
  • You can bill your customers for points according to your own price structure
  • Integration of an existing customer-/co-worker database (option)

Can I create an own account for my website? 

Yes, please send us an e-mail.

Who will be allowed to log in to my service? 

That's something you can decide. We can install eCall portal in two ways: Either everyone is able to log in or only you can register other users.

What does eCall portal cost? 

  • Installation and basical operation are for free! Further information in details:
  • Installing the first account (free)
  • Service fee per user (free)
  • SMS website standard layout (free)
  • Purchase per 900-number for your customers (free)
  • Administrator for the administration (free)
  • Transmission of the text message (your customers pays in advance, you will not have to pay additional costs) 


  • Free points which you can give to your customers (10 Rappen/point, at least 2000 points/purchase). In order to buy points please call us or send us an e-mail.
  • Website stylesheet adaptions (CHF 200.- one time, CHF 50.-/month)
  • Website further layout adaptions (according to expenditure CHF 150.-/hour)
  • E-mail interface (CHF 200.- one time, 50.-/month)
  • Multilingualism (CHF 50.-/month)

(all prices in advance and excl. VAT)

Can I benefit from this service? 

Yes, you can! Per sent, paid point you will be credited 0.1 point to your point account. You can use the credit as free points for your customers or you can let us cash out your credits (minimum 2000 points, 10 Rappen/point).

eCall mail2sms

Service E-Mail to SMS

With this simple service Mail2SMS you can be notified by a text message based on incoming e-mails. Being registered at eCall is not necessary.

Let the system send you a text message at the time you receive an e-mail in your mailbox. The service sends you a text message with the address of the sender, 40 characters of the subject and the start of the body text. The costs are CHF 0.20 only.

You can also let an automatic system send mails to your mobile phone. In that case use By the way: Your friends and customers will be able to send a mail that way and it will cost them nothing. Just type in the destination address

How to turn on the service?

1. Forward a copy of an e-mail

Change the settings within your e-mail provider or client for forwarding a incoming e-mail to the address:

<YourMobileNumber> (z.B.

2. To turn on the text message service send

START MAIL by text message to 963

3. To turn off the service send

STOP MAIL by text message to 963

Please note: You can turn on/off the service anytime at no cost.

eCall eSMS

Service eSMS - Send SMS directly from Outlook

Send and receive text messages directly and easily from any e-mail program. The billing of text messages is done via the Swisscom or Sunrise mobile phone bill from the mobile number given at registration.

You must have a Swisscom or Sunrise mobile number for using eSMS.

Quick and simple: Ready to send SMS in 2 minutes

For Swisscom customers

> Outlook 2013, 2016, Office 365 and all other e-mail programs:
Send a free SMS with "START Abo MAIL EN" to 304

> Outlook 2007 or 2010
Send a free SMS with "START Abo ESMS EN" to 304

For Sunrise customers:

> Outlook 2013, 2016, Office 365 and all other e-mail programs:
Send a free SMS with "START MAIL EN" to 304

> Outlook 2007 or 2010
Send a free SMS with "START ESMS EN" to 304

You will immediately receive a confirmation by SMS with your user ID and password. Then follow the specifications in the manual.

Important: You pay only for the sent SMS. There is no additional cost! (CHF 0.20 for each SMS/recipient and 160 digits). Follow the manual further down this website.

Your advantages

  • Send a text message out of any mail program.
  • Let a text message out of Outlook remind you of dates or duties.
  • Send an alarm without any additional SIM card or subscription via text message out of one of your devices (Email2SMS).