Contact tracing by SMS with eCall

Record the contact data of your guests as part of your COVID-19 protection concept. Without app or other programs.

eCall Business Features

Customize your solution

Individual needs – a wealth of possibilities. Our Messaging Service offers extensive options that enable us to provide our business customers with a bespoke solution.

SMS Top Prioritization

In addition to the higher priority given to business customers’ messages, you can also choose an even higher level. With SMS Top Prioritization, our system processes your messages at the highest internal priority. Routing is exclusively via Swiss top-quality providers. This guarantees that your important SMS messages reach their recipients fast, reliably and securely. This is essential, for example, in cases where text messages are used as part of two-factor authentication to boost access security.

Das Symbol für die Business Funktion High Privacy des SMS-Gateways zeigt ein blauweisses Bügelschloss

High Privacy

Activate our High Privacy function to send sensitive personal data as SMS text message, text-to-speech or fax. The professional solution is easy to use and offers complete data security. After sending, the system overwrites the message, preventing it from being reconstructed. Only the connection data remain visible in the log. This feature is an ideal add-in for situations involving confidential or critical content. 

Das Symbol für den eCall SLA zeigt die Zahlen 24/7 darüber befindet sich ein halbes Ziffernblatt einer Uhr mit blauen Zeigern

SLA Premium

SLA Premium provides support 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The personal and professional hotline supplies assistance at any time. Your personal Account Manager rapidly and expertly organizes solutions to any problems. You are kept up to date with developments around the clock.

VPN von eCall


A VPN tunnel is a further business feature  that provides you with maximum security in managing your account or sending orders. All communication is handled via these VPNs. We recommend this option for optimum security in data transmission.

Das Symbol zeigt ein E-Mail @-Zeichen mit hochgestelltem Sternchen.


You can request activation of a placeholder. All email addresses at a company generally have the same format (for example, at Example Ltd it is ''). By replacing the employee’s names with an asterisk*, a specific message can be sent out to all members of the company; e.g. by addressing the mail to * , it is sent to all members of Example Ltd. Multiple domains can also be entered.

Dies ist das Symbol eines Briefes. Es steht für die Business Option "Individuelles Layout"


We can customize all email layouts to your requirements. This option, which is limited to business customers, includes individual header and/or footer, free design of email content or deletion of disclaimers from incoming emails while adopting the text.

Dies ist das Symbol eines Notizblockes. Es steht für die Business Option "Fax Logbuch"

Sending Log file

The Send Log File business feature provides further options for professional monitoring and control of your eCall account. Logged data are easy to archive and can be analysed with more precision. Log files can also serve as a basis for invoicing your clients or customers. Log file transmission by email can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Dies ist ein Symbol mit einem blauen Cuvert und steht für den eCall Service  Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange link

For business customers, the Microsoft Exchange link is an optional add-in enabling them to send faxes using their Microsoft Exchange address book. No need to manually enter every time. All employees can easily send files as faxes from their workplace. No waiting, no paper, no extra software.

Dies ist das Symbol eines Faxgerätes. Es steht für die Business Option"Eigenes Fax-Deckblatt"

Customizing their fax cover sheet

We offer business customers the option of customizing their fax cover sheet with logo, company fonts, graphics etc. that reflect their corporate design. The cover sheet is in RTF format and can be edited in Word. HTML format can also be used. 

Dies ist das Symbol eines Faxgerätes über dem kleine Briefkuverts schweben. Es steht für die Business Option "Fax Massenversand"

Mass fax mailings

Simply send us the document and the fax numbers, and we do the rest. Mass fax mailings are easy and fast. Our services: Receipt of list of numbers, PDF and parameters for mailing, test mailing for quality verification, assembly and preparation of the mailing, activation of the mailing using the Mass Fax Gateway, rapid mailing, definition of your desired mailing time, mailing log and separate invoicing.

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