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eCall supplies solutions that meet your needs. Quotations and prices vary accordingly.

  • Our Business contracts are suitable for integrated business applications and high-volume traffic: starting at CHF 0,04 for SMS and FAX starting at CHF 0,06.
  • For lower volumes and private usage please choose one of our Prepaid Packages.

We’ll give you 40 points in credit to get you started. Sign up now and explore all the functions of eCall without obligation.

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You regularly use SMS / push / fax messaging in communication and send high volumes of messages. Our tailored Business packages with many features allow you to benefit from customized services and lower costs: starting at CHF 0,04 for SMS and FAX starting at CHF 0,06.

Please Contact us, send an e-mail or call us +41 44 787 30 70.

Prepaid Angebote von eCall


Perhaps you are unsure of your future monthly volume of SMS or FAX messages, your traffic volume is low, or you simply want to try the system out. Open a free test account and top it up with our points packages as you need them. Open a test account.

Take advantage of the many benefits on offer

  • 40 points of credit – try our system free
  • Flexible prices
  • Wide range of payment options
  • No investment necessary, low communication costs
  • High availability and high capacity
  • Professional Switzerland-based messaging service since 1999

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