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Why customers appreciate eCall

The innovative premium dairy product manufacturer replaced its server-based communication system with Dolphin Systems AG’s cloud-based solution. Emmi’s system now offers high availability without additional costs, while users benefit from its easy-to-operate design. They use the SMS and fax service for incoming and outgoing messages. The new solution is web-based with no need for special software, additional infrastructure or telephone lines. The company was able to downsize its systems, getting rid of two fax servers and ISDN cards and saving on an additional ADSL connection.

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"Advice and support are always good, including questions related to operation.  eCall is so easy to use; a simple instruction manual was all that was needed to ensure that users coped with the changeover." - Armin Roos, Head of Clients & Field Service Team

Our eSMS communications service supports service planning operations at elevator company ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge AG for efficient processing of fault reports. The service planning system records the reports using custom software developed for ThyssenKrupp. When a fault report comes in, eCall automatically directs it to the service technicians. They confirm receipt of the order, also by SMS, and this confirmation is sent to the mailbox of the service planning unit.

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"Simplicity of operation and management was an important criterion for us in addition to low costs. The Web interface was the perfect answer. We were also convinced by the straightforward billing procedure. Unlike other providers, we’re not simply disconnected if we’ve used up all our units without realizing." - Dominik Hug, Head of IT

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